Places I Have Known: A Photographer's Memoir

When I was 20 year's old I spent 5 days in an alpine hut next to a glacier in the Adamant mountain range.  My climbing partner and I would go out early in the morning roped up and explore every day while the ice was still frozen solid.  Every afternoon it would rain and we would retreat back to the cabin and start a fire and heat up some tea.   There were old climbing journals from the 1950's that were left in the hut and I read them.  The stories in that journal inspired me to lead a life filled with a sense of  adventure  and gratitude...

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An Invitation...

Technology and social media have become monotonous and stressful.  I want to use technology to build something that enhances our lives and connects us as a community of people with a shared spirit.  I want to create a pause for self reflection and gratitude for the physical world we live in and the relationships that make everything worthwhile.  This journal is about being on a path to wisdom.

Each issue will be available as an eBook or printed journal filled with essays and photos.  This website will be a place where you can find out more about the photos and learn some photography tips along the way.

This website is also a place for you to share your feedback so please take the opportunity to tell me what you think as you dream, explore, and create.

Thank you for being here!

Ira Gardner

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