Launching a new project

I’ve been photographing for just over 30 years.  In that time I have explored many wonderful places and created many memories.  This blog is the beginning of a book project where I want to share with you each chapter as an journal issue that is downloadable as a free EBook or available in print.

The journal will have the essays and images laid out in a contextual relationship with one other and this website will tell you more about each photograph that is published in the journal.

Silhouette image of a jet flying into the clouds.

This photo was made in October of 2017 while walking across the parking at at Spokane Falls Community College where I teach photography and digital media production. The flight was heading out to the airport and was passing in and out of clouds.  I thought it was the perfect metaphor for the journey this life is and the uncertainty that always lies ahead.

Camera: Nikon d810 50mm lens
November, 2017

Returning to Water

I made this image while camping up at Honeymoon Lake in Jasper National Park in 2008. It was early morning around 6am and the camp was quiet except for a group of german speaking boys who were already heading out to go for a bath in the lake. Something about seeing this first boy walk slowly in the water made me think about birth and the fact that we are formed within a womb that is filled with amniotic fluid. To return to the water is to submerge ourselves in the origins of our life.

Camera: Mamiya 6 Rangefinder with  120 TriX Film
August, 2008

Sunrise in Spokane

This image is part of a collection of work I exhibited at the Paulsen Building Penthouse. For that exhibit I focused my attention on ways I could photograph Spokane Landmarks in a graphical and expressive way. Like most creatives, I needed the pressure of a deadline to drag me out of bed at 4am on a spring morning. With only a week to go before the exhibit I spent a beautiful early morning downtown wandering around as the sun rose. I made this image and new it was an instant portfolio piece. I ended up having this made into a 20×30 print on aluminum.

Silhouette image of the Spokane Clock Tower at sunrise.
The sun shines through the top opening of the clock tower that is reflected in the Spokane River, May 2016

Camera: Nikon d610 50mm lens
May 2016

Listen to me my friend!

This charismatic character was panhandling on Park Avenue in Portland Oregon. He was using his belt as a leash and talked to his bloodhound in a way that made you appreciate their friendship. He was jovial and seemed  to be a regular. As soon as he got close to me two police officers on mountain bikes stopped and called him over by name and issued him a citation for loitering in the park.

An image of a man kneeling and talking to his bloodhound.
A man kneels down to have a conversation with his dog while smoking a cigarette. Portland Oregon, May, 2012

Camera: Canon 5D
Portland, Oregon May, 2012

I’ll Kiss You If You Jump!

A girl shouts to a boy “I’ll kiss you if you jump!” at the Redondo Beach Pier.   The fearful boy jumps.  The girl leaves with another boy, and he is forever changed from the experience.

Image of a girl in a bikini leaning up against a railing at the Redondo Beach Pier.

Image of a boy jumping off of the Redondo Beach pier into the ocean below.


This image was made at Redondo Beach Pier using a 35mm Kodak Retina 3C camera that was loaned to me by a former student. The camera originally belonged to his grandfather and is the German version of this historic camera.

Camera: 1957-60 Kodak Retina III C
Redondo Beach, California  June, 2014

Art Appreciation

In a darkened room there is a single woman under a spotlight who is seated while viewing a Mark Rothko painting. To really appreciate a Rothko painting you have to sit still and stare. The colors will suddenly vibrate and create an intense experience.

This image is part of my “ineffable” portfolio.

Camera: Canon 5D
Portland Oregon, May 2013