About The Journey

Motorcycle ride in the Palouse Country. June 2017

Hello, my name is Ira Gardner.  Thanks for visiting.  I’m a photographer and documentary filmmaker.  I think I was born into it.  My first name literally means, watchful and observant.  My father was a photographer and camera repair technician.  I took apart my first camera when I was five.  I spent my early childhood in Los Angeles and I go back there to visit and work as often as possible.

I love adventures.  My favorite trip recently was a 3500 mile road trip in an old 1998 BMW convertible.  Listening to Miles Davis’s sketches in Spain in the middle of Oregon late at night with the Milky Way visible over my head was profound.   Sharing a sunset on Pismo beach with hundreds of people who just stopped what they were doing to look westward was sacred.  I love the way these moments help to create an awareness of how connected we all are.

Last year I took up motorcycle riding.  I bought a KLR 650 and have it equipped to haul my camera and camping gear.   I’ve been exploring the Palouse farm country and old logging roads with it.  Seeing Chinese pheasants in a field of wheat and racing ahead of a lightning storm is exhilarating.  It made for a good story about why I took so long going to the grocery store.

I live in a rural area that’s less than 10 minutes away from downtown Spokane.  Our little acre sits on the inflection point between urban and industrial and is part of a narrow green zone  that provides a migratory path for Moose moving down from the mountains towards the wetlands southwest of here.  Last year I counted 26 species of birds hanging out in our yard.  I live there with my wife Sarah and our border collie named Murdoch.  I am blessed.

I spend a lot of time traveling and I like to write.  I also teach photography and digital media production courses at a local community college and private workshops at my home studio and online.

My latest adventure has been joining an artist collective and setting up a new studio in a historic hotel building next to a live music venue and bar downtown.  It is a very bohemian environment with a variety of painters, photographers, and sculptors.  I’m sharing space with nine other amazing artist.   It's a good place to collaborate and create.

After 30 years of photographing and writing I decided to publish a visual memoir in installments via eBooks.

I hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for being here!